Gridler IMatch

Everybody is using smartphones, and even within business and government the smartphone is fully integrated. The smartphone is used to optimize their processes.

In most of the casus mobile attachments are used to read the RFID chips of e-Documents, the smartcard chips on ID documents, or biometrics as fingerprint.

We are delighted we can offer you the Gridler iMatch, the latest development on Mobile Solutions.

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Mobile Authenticator

Mobile Authenticator is an identification app, which will authenticate both the MRZ and the RFID chip, and after starts a verification process using facial recognition.

As we can use, in most casus, use the NFC reader of the smartphone, we are even able to authenticate the RFID chip in e-Documents to some extend.

Mobile Authenticator

Authentication features

Dexeq can implement a review process for different characteristics. In the visual image the identity document can be checked on the template, expiration date and checksums. In addition to this, it can authenticate background printing, microtext, pattern- and colour recognition.
Mobile Authenticator also provides the authentication of the electronic security features. In the app Basic Access Control (BAC), Passive Authentication (PA) and Active Authentication (AA) can be authenticated.
MRZ Checksum

The app checks the MRZ and performs a Cross check (MRZ/Chip).

Data Processing

As the last step in the process the app extracts data. It is possible to extracts a limited or extensive dataset. The app can be integrated into an existing app or a secure computer environment.

biometric verification

Mobile Authenticator can optionally also support the process of verification. In that case, the app processes the digital recorded image of the identity documents and a biometric identifier such as face or fingerprint. Facial recognition can run from the app directly, comparing the “live image” and the photo from the chip of the Passport.

Mobile Authenticator