The 15x portable illuminated magnifier is related to the 10x Portable Illuminated Magnifier, with about the same specifications, just with an improved and larger magnification of 15 times.
It meets the latest demands of Immigration and Police agencies struggling to combat fraud.

Te 15x PIM makes it easier to authenticate printing and reproduction techniques.

The 15x PIM is equipped with a 15 times magnifier and built-in ultraviolet light, 3 different white visible lights including oblique (grazing) light, which can help to authenticate ultraviolet inks, offset printing, micro-printing, intaglio and many other security features to check.


15x magnification
Visual-(3x), ultraviolet-(2x), and oblique (grazing) LED lights
Ultraviolet light: 365 nm and 375nm
Power supply: 12V battery (1 battery included) or rechargeable 3.7V battery
Dimensions: 55x55x75mm
Weight: 75g


Includes protective pouch (possibility to attach to a belt) and EU, GB or US charger for rechargeable battery.


Prices of the 15x Portable Illuminated Magnifier dry battery or rechargeable battery are upon request.

Download manual

15x Portable Illuminated Magnifier manual


Documentexpert National Police Immigration Denmark:
I used the Portable Illuminated Magnifier for testing purposes.We are currently using the 10x Portable Illuminated Magnifier, and so it is so easy to switch to the 15x Portable Illuminated Magnifier as it has the same shape and functions. We are happy with the improved magnification and the focus wheel is absolutely great.

Dexeq 15x portable illuminated magnifier