The 30x Mobile Forensic Inspector with 3 inch full color LCD screen is able to magnify up to 30x under various light sources. The 30x Mobile Forensic Inspector has functionality for image capture and saving to internal memory. All images are automatically saved to the detector’s internal memory with of capacity of 2 GB. These images can be viewed directly on the device. It can also be connected to your PC via USB.

Specifications 30x Mobile Forensic Inspector

Sensor: high-pixel CMOS camera(5 million pixels)
Lens: low distortion infrared lens
Light-filtering system: band-pass filter of visible light, high-pass filter of infrared light
Camera function: can shoot spectrum pictures, Save JPG format
Inspection light source: top white light, oblique white light, cross white light, top infrared light, oblique infrared light,
cross infrared light, UVA, UVC, laser 980nm anti stokes
Magnification: 5x and 30x
Field range :21×15 up to 10×7 magnified
Display: 3 inch HD TFT-LCD screen
Size: 96 x 98 x 92 mm
Weight: 200 gr
Battery: integrated 5V battery, 1000mAh universal power supply adapter


USB cable, TV, HDMI, connecting line and software


Prices of the 30x Mobile Forensic Inspector upon request.

Download manual

30x Mobile Forensic Inspector manual


Forensic Document examinar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

I use the 30x Mobile Forensic Inspector as it offer a magnification of 30 times, which is needed for thorough printing technique authentication. Furthermore the IR light source is so helpful for authentication of several  physical security features.

Dexeq 30x Mobile Forensic Inspector