The Multifunctional Counterfeit Detector features dual 16W UV lamps and 11W see-through light.

The Multifunctional Counterfeit Detector is a good option for controlling staff in primary control. All document can be manually checked by using the Multifunctional Counterfeit Detector. You can check the watermark by using see though light and by using the UV lamps you can check the paper and UV protection in the document.

Specifications Multifunctional Counterfeit Detector

16W 365nm UV tube lamps

11W see-through light

Compact and rugged design

Power: AC 220-240V 50 HZ

Power consumption: <20W

Power Output: DC 9V 500mA

Dimensions: 266 x 166 x 170mm


Multifunctional Counterfeit Detector, 16W UV light and 11W see-through light per piece 89,95 Euro (discount on 10+ orders) including VAT and excluding shipping.