The multifunctional magnifier Dropcan be used to authenticate documents such as currency, ID cards, passports or driving licenses.

The multifunctional magnifier “Drop” is equipped with 10 times magnifier and built-in ultraviolet light, white visible lights and oblique (grazing) LED light. Optional is infrared “anti stokes” light.

These different light sources can help to authenticate ultraviolet inks, offset printing, micro-printing, intaglio and many other security features.


10x magnification

Visual-, ultraviolet-, and oblique (grazing) LED light, optional infrared “anti stokes” LED light

Ultraviolet light: 380 nm

Power supply: 23A 12V battery (included)

Dimensions: 70x50x50mm

Weight: 60g

The multifunctional magnifier “Drop” is in a exclusive box


Protective pouch (possibility to attach to a belt).


Multifunctional magnifier “Drop” without infrared 980nm “anti stokes” from 19.95 Euros including VAT and excluding shipping costs.

Multifunctional magnifier “Drop” with infrared 980nm “anti stokes” from 24.95 Euros including VAT and excluding shipping costs.


International Migration Organisation:
We have offered the “Drop” to our students in an advanced course on security features. The Students just loved the Multifunctional magnifier “Drop”. Is has a trendy design, a good magnification and allrequired light sources to check first- and secondline security features in identity documents. Furthermore the “Drop” is offered at a very reasonable price, so in a next course we will off course reconsider to offer the “Drop” again to our students.