This simple, but sophisticated instrument, allows the user to safely and quickly authenticate of  a document, passport, visa, permit,

banknote, check or other, by a few clicks from the mouse, achieving almost the same results as with a complex forensic analysis station.

Specifications Pitagora Truescan

Magnification: 20 times on 7” monitor (final size depends on output monitor size).

Video output: Composite video signal NTSC color; resolution 510×492 pixels; 380 TV lines.

Light sources: White; red 615 nm.; yellow 575 nm.; green 528 nm.; cyan 510 nm.; blue 470nm. Magenta 410 nm.; UV1 375 nm.; UV2 385 nm.; IR1 780 nm.; IR2 880nm;IR3 950nm.

Standby time: 2 minutes for UV and 4 minutes for the other lights (after which the unit turns itself off; any key will turn it on again).

Manual turn off: Pressing any key for more than two seconds turns the unit off; (any key will turn it on again).

Key type: High resistance micro switch keys (40 grams key pressure).

External power supply: Universal switching supply; Input voltage 100-240 AC, 50/60Hz; Output voltage adjusted at 9 Volts DC./ 900 mA.

Power requirements: 9 Volts DC, 300 mA, maximum consumption 3 Watts. Also available on 12 Volts DC for vehicle installation and usage.

Operating temperature:–23°C a +50°C (-10°F a +122°F)

External dimensions: Length 130 mm.; width 70 mm.; height 50 mm.

Weight: 110 grams


protective pouch


Prices of Pitagora Truescan are are upon request.

Additional  information

Additional information about the Pitagora Truescan, like brochures and manuals,  and other Pitagora products, can be find by the official website of our supplier