Plastic or Metal folding magnifiers 4x, 8x or 60-100x magnification

The plastic or metal folding magnifier, also named folding liner tester magnifier, is a really good and cheap alternative for your staff to be supported in first line by checking security documents. The folding magnifier can enlarge up to 8x, and the metal magnifier will be even delivered with a glass lens. We even have a magnifier available which can magnify up to 60x – 100x.

Specifications Plastic or Metal folding magnifier

5x, 8x and 60-100x magnification

Also available with LED light

Color standard black, in larger volumes (500 and more) the folding magnifier can also be delivered in white or silver (only metal).

Dimensions: several


Prices of all different models of plastic and metal folding magnifiers are upon request.