The USB magnifier Borderguard is a forensic tool with you can connect with your computer easily to perform authentication checks in second-and third-line inspection on identity documents, source documents and securities.

The USB magnifier provides a 30 x enlarged picture. The USB magnifier Borderguard is easy to connect to your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop.

The Borderguard USB magnifier features a large scale of different lights sources such as visual, 254nm UV light, 365nm UV light, and 470nm UV light, oblique light, 850nm infrared light and 940nm Laser Antistokes lighting.
The Borderguard USB magnifier can be used on specialist level to authenticate ID documents such as identity cards, passports or driving licences, and also currency.

The USB magnifier Borderguard can easily make pictures and movies, and also excellent to use in “live mode” at training sessions, or when using remote viewing.

Specifications USB magnifier Borderguard

30 x magnification

ultraviolet-Visual-, and oblique light LED, ultraviolet light LED 254nm, 365nm and 470nm

SAFETY 254nm UV is extremely dangerous to eyes and skin. If the 254nm UV LED is on, never look in the magnifier from the back. Do not touch the 254nm UV LED if enabled!

infrared 850nm LED

980nm Laser Antistokes LED

power supply: USB 5V

Image: 12 mm × 9 mm x 300A
dimensions: 95 × 65 × 45 mm

Weight: 55 g


USB cable

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Prices of the Borderguard USB magnifier are on request.

Review customers

External Document expert:

Compared with other similar products the USB Magnifier Borderguard is so cheap, although you won’t notice the low price when working with it. Its very stable, works with Windows and Mac, and offers you quality 30x enlarged images of all kind of security features under all kind of light sources. I like it a lot!