The WiFi Mobile Microscope can be connected with your phone or tablet (iOS or Android), and is able to magnify 50x and 1000x.

The WiFi Mobile Microscope features a focus wheel and the LEDs lights brightness is adjustable.
With a maximum resolution of 720x480pixels the photos (jpg) and video(AVI) are of high quality, and will be stored easily via the app on phone or tablet.

Specifications WiFi Mobile Microscope

50x – 1000x optical magnification

Lens optical demension 1/4″

Lens angle 2G+IR

Display: phone or tablet

Resolution: 720×480

Video (AVI) and photo capture

Brightness: 8 LEDs with brightness adjustable

Storage: supports Micro-SD cards up to 32GB SDHC

Power supply mode 8000m A Built-in lithium electricity

Interface & Signal Transmission Mode Micro and USB 2.0

USB working conditions Windows xp,win7,win10(32 64位),Mac OS x 10.5 or more advanced(Support USB protocol devices)

App free download

Dimension: 130x103x29mm

Package weight: 260g (all included)


USB cable and tripod.


Prices of the WiFi Mobile Microscope 79,95 euro including VAT.

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